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Blind Faith Stone Effect Head

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    A display in your home is so important and the more obscure, unique and intriguing the products are that make up the display, the better! If you're looking for a large statement piece to take center stage then this Blind Faith Stone Effect Head is the ornament for you.

    With a stone effect, distressed finish, this male figure head is incredibly handsome and full of detail with a beautifully sculpted nose, lips and soft wavey hair. His eyes are being covered with what could be his children's hands but we'll leave you to devise a story to tell your guests as to the reason why he can't see.

    The sculpture measures L26xW24xH30 cm.
    Product Code: A00005031

    Height : 30

    Width : 24

    Length : 26

    Material : polyresin

    Colour : monument grey