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Managing Director


"Hello, my name is Antonio Artusa. I am the Managing Director & Founder of The House of Artusa. I wanted to take a moment to tell you about myself and the incredible minds behind the scenes that make the business the success it is today and also how The House Of Artusa came into its existence. I set up The House Of Artusa for a number of reasons, after working in the corporate world for many years I felt like I owed it to myself to follow my passion within interiors. I have a vast experience with renovations within the domestic sector and each time I took on a renovation I always came across the same problem. See everytime I tried to find something truly unique and quirky I ended up finding the opposite. In every shop I went into I would find the same bog standard products being sold across a large variety of  shops. I wanted to add character to a home which would suit the owners but it was proving difficult. It is my own belief that every home should have its own personality and that a home should represent the person or family as well as being your safe haven"

Artist | Designer


Hazel is the designer we have on board at The House Of Artusa, she has been working in interiors for almost a decade through a variety of creative industries as an in-house designer.

Style & Sustainability Columnist


Hi I'm Chris Billinghurst and I'm delighted to introduce myself as part of the House of Artusa team for 2020. If keeping-up with what is happening in the interior and sustainable design worlds whilst being inspired and informed about the unique and the unusual is for you, then make sure you bookmark our journal page. When I'm not writing about creative reuse, colours or chairs, I'm looking after the House of Upcycling, the UK's foremost authority on professional upcycling for interiors as well as Eco Chic Interiors, a unique design studio focused on creating homes with personality in partnership with the environment and wellbeing. You can also find me on and on later this year.