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Upcycled Furniture

"They don't build them like they used to"

We are Patience & Gough. A two person team always on the look out for neglected, used or unwanted furniture. We strive on creating unique, contrasting pieces that celebrate tradition, whilst boasting a contemporary aesthetic. We believe in doing our bit for the environment, and what better way to do so than by doing something you love!

We hate waste and believe recycling used furniture is one way to fight it. Usually pieces that have lasted half a century or more are pretty well built compared to your average, store bought modern pieces. “They don’t build them like they used to”, as the saying goes. We hunt around sale-rooms and house clear-outs to find furniture we think can be fabulous again. ​Choosing pieces with character, then adding to it, breathing new life in to them with modern

colours and fabrics. We get so much joy from seeing a piece go through our transformation and then on to gracing someone’s home. All our pieces are refurbished with great care and thought, to the highest standard.

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